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About Us

Founded in 2022, Academia de Real Internacional is a Professional Residential Academy based in Granada, Spain. Led by industry-leading professionals, Academia de Real Internacional provides a Professionally Structured Environment. Driven to help you reach the next level.

Core Values



Being a professional extends well beyond just matters on the pitch. We believe that a professional lifestyle is key to unlocking your potential as a player. Through a high quality training plan, combined with proper nutrition and physical and mental well-being check-ins, we provide our players with all the tools necessary to achieve and unlock their potential as players.


Further to this, we aim to develop professionals off the pitch, supporting players with their personal and educational needs to help them grow into up-standing members of their community.



It has become clear that in the modern game a winning mentality must be adopted in order to progress forward. However there are high’s and there are lows, and a healthy yet inspiring club culture is a must.


Both on and off the field players must tick certain boxes and compromise with our Academy Philosophy and Culture. This is a non negotiable, to being a positive influence amongst piers.

La Familia Es Todo


"Family Is Everything" and we understand that for a lot of players this may well be their first time living away from home and almost certainly living in a foreign country.


It is so important to us that we create a welcoming and friendly environment where players feel relaxed, free and are above all able to enjoy their football whilst at the academy. Once you come become part of the family, you're a member for life, with support and contact available to you before, during and after your time with us.


Ultimately, we want every player to come away with a smile on their face, knowing that they've had an incredible experience and footballing experiences they'll never forget!

Elite Fixture Schedule


To be the best, you have to play the best. We strongly believe that in order to improve as players and for ourselves as coaches, we have to test ourselves against the toughest competition there is.


Fortunately, in Spain and in Andalusia specifically, we are blessed with a multitude of professional clubs against whom we are able to test ourselves, week in, week out. We offer fixtures against some of the best and most well-known clubs across Spain, in order to immerse our players into a truly elite footballing environment. 

Our Mission

Led by industry-leading professionals, Academia de Real Internacional provides a Professionally Structured Environment. Driven to help you reach the next level.


Ensuring in-depth immersion into the European Football System, our five & ten month programs will become the key factors in tapping into your potential. Whether you are ready for the professional game, needing those finishing touches, wishing to experience the Spanish football system or simply wanting to take a gap year in Spain and learn a new sporting culture.​​

Your Development

Individual Excellence is one of the main factors that constructs our elite environment. With a a wide number of aspects coming together to fill one very important role Individual Development.


With players receiving weekly and monthly progress reports from their coaching staff and support staff to ensure they are being held accountable for their progression both as an individual and as a player.


Implementing such tools whilst working with our players, gives Real Internacional Alumni an in-depth look at what it is really like in a Professional Football Club.​​​

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