Hear from our Academy Directors

Our Academy Project has been founded by Daniel and William, they are two highly driven individuals, focused in guiding players to their next level. With their respective experience and previous careers within football leading them to this moment; Real Internacional.

"Players need opportunities, opportunities to develop, become a more rounded player, a better individual, each individual deserves the chance to progress to their next level, for this exact reason we have created this special project"

Daniel Hughes
Technical Director

"We have constructed this project with one common goal in mind, to aid the professional development of unsigned talent and work with players on reaching their goals. It is important to teach them how to get from A to B"

William Robinson
Academy Director

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Marcus Mack

UEFA Licensed Coaching Staff

We surround ourselves with the best. Ranging from UEFA PRO to UEFA B Licenses, our coaching staff are industry leading professionals with a wealth of experience in the professional game.

Each member of staff carries their own individual story and background within football, bringing with them a track record of proven player development. Thus allowing us to construct a philosophy based upon a blend of a development and performance.​With over 30+ years combined experience within the professional game as players, coaches and scouts, our hand picked coaching staff are ready to share their sporting knowledge with academy alumni.


Coaching Staff

Juanma Bullejos
Head Coach
Jose Lozano
Assistant Coach
Adrian Cano
Head of Goalkeeping
Rafael Muñoz
Academy Analyst
Alex Cabrera
Head of Operations
Brodie Belden
Head of Player Welfare

Recruitment Staff

Our Academy

Mauro Estolano
USA and Mexico based Recruiter
Edis Maric
USA based Recruiter

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Daniel Nicoletti
Australia based Recruiter

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Daniel Robson
Australia based Recruiter

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