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Online Application Form

The Player interested in joining our academy will be required to fill out our online application form. To ensure that your player profile is complete, please provide us with detailed information and playing footage!


Player Assesment 

Upon the completion of the Online Application Form, our Recruitment Team will review your player profile. Upon review our Recruitment Team will be in contact via e-mail, to confirm whether you qualify for the next phase


Meeting With Directors

Upon completion of phase two, your profile will be reviewed by our Academy Directors and you will be provided with a Video Conference Link via e-mail. During this process we will finalise your enrolment with the Academy and confirm final details.


We're Recruiting!

Thanks for Applying!


The recruitment process to join our academy is simple, just have your information and playing information handy, and we will take care of the rest.

We Are Recruiting!


How long until I recieve a response?

Our Academy Staff are working around the clock to make sure that each player's application form is reviewed swiftly. Each individual form will be responded to within 12 to 24 hours upon submittion.

Can I book in a Consultation Call before I make my application?

Each Player, Parent and or Guardian is welcome to book an Initial Consultation Call with Academy Staff. Please get in contact via email

If I do not have video footage can I still apply?

Of course, however be in contact as we require a recommendation with the recommenders contact details, each player's application will be reviewed equally.

I have study requirements, can they be met?

Education is of the utmost importance to our Academy Staff, with Player Mentors available on and off site, we can help each individual organize their Study and Exam Planners.

If I make a mistake in my application, can I submit another?

We ask each player to only submit one submittion form. If a mistake has been made we ask for the individual to get in contact with us via email

If I do not get selected for the next phase, what do I do?

If your application does receive a selection for the next phase, we will be in contact with a swift response and our reasoning as to why we do not think that your application qualifies! 

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