Highly Renowned Academy Programme

Our academy programme has been built with more than 20+ years of professional experience, surrounded by elite technical staff and utilising modern training methodology.
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A Top Flight Schedule followed by Europes Leading Clubs

Weekly Contact Hours
Games Per Season
Daily Training Sessions

Programme Breakdown

Our Elite Academy Programme has been designed by Industry Leading Professionals and has been tested with Elite Level Professional Footballers.

Top Flight Schedule

To compete at the top level requires a well organised schedule. With more than 25 contact hours weekly, a Professionals Schedule is adopted that of a Top Flight Club

Strength & Conditioning

In the modern game the physical side of the game is just as important as ever. Whilst managing player loading, each individual will receive a Personalised S&C plan to reach their athletic peak

Video Analysis

Breaking down each key moment within Matches and Training Sessions through our Analysis Program. Being able to read between the lines and finding moments to vitally improve your game

Individual Development Plans

Each invidiual player will be provided with a weekly and monthly development plan dependant on their current state, goals and objectives

Physiotherapist & Health Screenings

Partnering with one of Europe's leading physiotherapist and health providers, Policlinica SMD, each individual player is taken care of on a daily basis.

Pathways & Opportunities

With our Academy forming Part of Real Internacional Limited allows players direct access to our Representation and Management Services, which opens up a world of opportunities
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